Bring intelligence to your home.


Smart Lightings

Smart lighting allows you to control and adjust the brightness and color of your lights, control it via timer and schedule or remotely with your smart phone.

Energy Saving

Save on your electricity bills with smart home devices. Set your devices to automatically shut down based on your lifestyle or when an appliance is not in use.

Smart Security

Modern security for your modern home living. Equip your home to deter burglars from harming your loved ones and cherished possessions.

Home Control

A centralized control for your whole home, command your home to work with your lifestyle, be it with your voice or with the tip of your finger.


About us

HATSY is an innovative solutions provider that focuses on solving real world problems better and faster than any other alternative on the market.

HATSY Managed dedicated portfolio of innovative solutions which service specific industry. Such solutions include Home Automation, Office Automation, Hotel Automation, Home Cinema & Smart Restaurants.

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